Scholarship Application

INSTRUCTIONS: This application is to be completed by the applicant only. Please provide all information requested as failure to do so may disqualify you from consideration. Print legibly. You may use a separate sheet of paper to provide any additional information or explanation on any question, as you feel necessary. Please clearly number your answers accordingly when using additional pages. A certified transcript or other validated record of grades received from the school most recently attended should be attached to this application.

Download Current Scholarship Application

Scholarship Amount: $ 1000.00

Deadline April 13, 2018

2010 Scholarship Recipients

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  • Jenny Choc
  • Lauren Martin
  • Rogelio Quiroz
  • Shirley Sim

2015 Scholarship Recipients

  • Jennifer S. Novoa
  • Kimberly Cabrera
  • Luisa E. Lopez

2013 Scholarship Recipients

some text

  • Carlos Morales
  • Lorena Chavez
  • Maria Angela Perez
  • Marco Cordon

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Denise Aranda (Academics of Education and Empowerment at Carson)
Samantha Gonzalez (John C. Fremont Senior High School)
Alma Villasano (Mendez High School)
Mariann Torres (James A Garfield High School)